BP1_Welcome to My Blog

OK, my greeting may be a bit over the top, but, hey, so am I.  So I’m told.

I answer to Mindi (with two i’s) and I am a vivacious teacher from Texas where I was born and raised. My passion for teaching is deeply rooted in my desire to make learning engaging and innovative. I consider myself a lifelong learner and my fear of becoming a robotic teacher stuck in a rut drives me to constantly learn more. About everything.  And I mean everything. I Google obsessively… no pun intended. (get it? I Google as in iGoogle?) Google is my best friend and throughout my short but extremely fast-paced journey at Full Sail University, I have met many, many more best friends. Lynda is giving Google a run for his money. Obviously, I have a unique sense of humor. Most of the time, I am the only one who “gets” me. If you don’t, that’s ok.  I’ll convert you at some point.

My passionate personality can be seen in most of my work produced both personally and professionally, as I can never do anything half-heartedly. (Speaking of half-hearted… Have you ever seen the YouTube video on the horse named “Hoof-Hearted“? Watch it. If it doesn’t make you smile, then your speakers must be turned off.)

Also, I tend to ramble.  In case you haven’t noticed. My mind moves at lighting speeds and my mouth is usually faster than that. I have been described more than once as a whirlwind. Really, I am just a multi-tasking maniac (Enter screenshot of a typical session on my Mac)

Multi-Tasking Maniac

My mind never slows down and if there is not more than one "window" open... I am probably sleeping.

Now on to blogging.  Am I novice blogger? No. Am I an experienced blogger? Not yet. Although Blogger has been home to two of my blogs (one professional and one personal) for quite some time, and a gracious host I might add, the fire has fizzled. The challenge has been diminished. Don’t get me wrong, Blogger is a great tool and difficult to master, but I’ve spent hours upon hours learning the ins and outs.  I could probably even draw you a pretty precise replica of the dashboard from memory. But, for me, it’s time for something new.

Enter WordPress. I recently came across a blog tagged to a video I showed my students during National Literacy Month back in September 2010. The video is cleverly titled “Gotta Keep Reading“. At the time, it was just a catchy video, with a catchy tune and completely appropriate for my pubescent fourth-graders. It wasn’t until last month that a colleague brought the tag to my attention. She recognized “Full Sail University” as a phrase that has meaning to me because I magically manage to insert Full Sail into most of my professional conversations.  The blog is written by Joe Bustillos, coincidentally, my month 11 professor.  Huh.  Who’d a thunk it? A highly engaging video incorporating technology with literacy produced by the university I just so happen to be attending to obtain my Master’s Degree. A truly prideful moment people. I tell you that to tell you this: Joe Bustillos’ blog is astounding, something to aspire to and honestly, quite intimidating. It is also hosted by WordPress, new home to this here blog you are reading. Thanks to more than five hours of informative tutorials on Lynda (my new BFF), Mindi’s Mind is up and running. WOO HOO!

I absolutely love what I do and I do what I love. I am a self-proclaimed closet tech-geek. Except… I think my secret is out.  I can’t help it, technology intrigues and challenges me in ways that I never could have imagined. I am my own competition, a herculean force, that compels my own self to leap out of my comfort zone and embrace the challenge. This, my friends, is the fuel to my fire for “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” (W.B. Yeats)

Final Note: No one really says “Howdy” in Texas. Just so you know. But we do ALL have cows and we ride our horses most everywhere.



About Mindi Vandagriff

Proud fire fighter's wife. Energetic mom of two creative boys. Passionate teacher of everything {currently 4th grade}. Schoology Ambassador. Haiku Deck Guru. Closet #edtech geek. View all posts by Mindi Vandagriff

6 responses to “BP1_Welcome to My Blog

  • Mitch

    Wow, I can see that you will be a prolific blogger. It seems like you have a passion for this. I’ll bet that you love this course. Thanks for setting such a good example!


  • Joe

    Agreed! Really nice looking blog, you can tell that you’ve got some experience with this! Awesome work!

  • Derek Gualandri

    Mindi, Your great! I love your enthusiasm!!! You crack me up. A wonderful Role model as well. Keep on fighting the war on ignorance..Ha HA:)
    Your Friend
    Great JOB..

  • francis callwood

    What a blog! I can see that you really enjoy this sort of thing. You set a great example for at least me to follow. How do we follow you?

  • Cass Simone-Munson

    Your blog was very informative and entertaining. Your enthusiasm is jumping off the page! You have a special way with words which entertaining while it is informative. Thank you for your entertaining insights.

  • Mindi Vandagriff

    Thanks y’all for the kind, encouraging words! This was a brand new interface for me to learn and although excited about the challenge, it made it nonetheless… CHALLENGING! I am still working out the kinks.

    Francis- you can follow me by subscribing to my blog. On the home page, there is a link in the sidebar in which you can subscribe using your email address. You can also bookmark my page or subscribe to the RSS feed. Every time I post a new blog, and you are subscribed, you will receive an email notification.

    WordPress is different from Blogger in that (well, one, it’s NOT owned by Google) it will not show pictures/images for those who are “following” my blog. From what i have learned thus far, “followers” is the word used in Blogger (owned by Google) and “subscribers” is the word used by WordPress (NOT owned by Google). To follow blogs in Blogger, you have to use your Google account to sign in, to subscribe to blogs in WordPress, you can use any email address.

    Hope that helps and doesn’t deter you from subscribing to my blog!

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