This practical experience assignment was really great practical experience. Too bad it wasn’t assigned in Month 1 of this program.  Seems kid of ironic that a three-hour long tutorial would be something I do after attempting multiple projects in iMovie. Rather, I go in blind and produce a movie after hours and hours of trial and error that I can finally be proud of.  But, hey, there’s no use crying over spilled iMovie milk, is there?

After almost four months of trial and error in iMovie, I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I have figured out enough to get around pretty well and to make videos that take me next to no time. Ones that I am actually proud of.  Ones that still make people (outside of this program) wonder “How’d she do that?” I considered delving into to something new like Adobe AfterEffects or Premiere and spending this week watching those tutorials. Instead, I decided this was the week I become an expert in iMovie!

As overwhelmed as I was to do my very first project in iMovie, hard work, trial and error, and helped me become a self-proclaimed expert!



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