Although the thought of watching three plus hours of tutorials on a program I am already quite familiar with, I am not above learning all that I can learn.  I am not so certain that I think that I know everything.  In fact, it’s quite the contrary.  There is always something more I can learn. My point and case is evident in my pursuit of my Master’s Degree here at Full Sail University.  With that said, I watched the three plus hours, three hours and twenty-eight minutes to be exact, of iMovie tutorials at  And wouldn’t you know it, I learned something new!

Although the tutorials might seem lengthy at first, broken into chapters and then specific topic after that makes them more manageable and not as overwhelming. Users can go to a specific video anywhere in the tutorial based on specific need or can watch it progressively from beginning to end.

One of the AHHHH things that I learned from the tutorials was the green screen effect in iMovie. Anyone can produce a video in ANY location. Seriously, any location.  As long as you have footage of that vacation and access to green paint…. you are golden.  So of course I wanted to experiment, but have no intention now or ever painting any wall in my house green (if you watched this part of the tutorial, I am sure you are chuckling along with me). However, if one was so inclined to have a green wall or backdrop (again, where would I even find one of those) with programs like ZamZar (a free video conversion service with videos from Youtube), creating a video in which you are ANYWHERE is actually possible. I actually would like to try that someday soon, but for the purpose of this assignment, I wanted to try my hand at the movie trailers in iMovie.

The movie trailer feature in iMovie has always been highly engaging and honestly its usually the first thing I attempt in a project i put together. However, I have ALWAYS abandoned it as it never quite allowed me to do what I wanted.  This time was going to be different.  I used our last summer’s family vacation for the motivation for my project.  Because the template requires a video or .mov file and I only stills from family vacation, I had to turn my stills into a video. Oh, Screenflow how I have come to love you so.

I added all of my pictures from my family vacation to an untitled iMovie project and then opened Screenflow. I started a new recording of my desktop, toggled back to iMovie and played the “movie” of my stills in full screen.  When it was finished, I stopped the recording and the exported my screenflow to my desktop.  I then went back to iMovie and imported the screenflow… err…. movie file into my project. And Voila! I now have “video” footage of my family vacation.

My iMovie screen after I imported all of my "still' footage from Screenflow.

The rest of the project was a cinch! If you are ever interested in using a movie trailer, I would highly recommend it! All you have to do is drag and drop the footage into the template and it does the rest for you. I love when AHH HA moments lead to making life simpler!



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