I decided to to try Schoology on a whim today.  Maybe not my best decision, but boy-howdy, has it paid off. Big time.  I had time in the lab today and decided to use the time to introduce my students to Schoology.  I told them it was sorta like Facebook, but cooler… and you can access it at school. They were in.

I took my classmate Glenn‘s advice he posted on his blog about Schoology.  He said that his students had a hard time remembering their usernames and passwords and once forgotten… always forgotten.  Unfortunately, in Schoology, there is no way to recover a username or password. All I can say is THANK YOU, GLENN.  That advice was a life-saver.  After students created their own username and password (I told them that their username had to be first initial last name), they came to my computer and entered both their username and password on a Google Doc I created.

Ethan types in his username and password into the Google Doc I created to maintain my class list of usernames and passwords.

I created a Google Doc (thanks to Glenn's blog "Schoology Continued") to keep a record of students' usernames and passwords for future reference.

After I spent about 30 minutes explaining the basic interface, I let my students “play” on Schoology.  After I would show them a new trick (like pressing F5 to refresh the page and see the discussion thread right before your eyes) I never tired of the OOHS and AAHS that filled the room. I figured that introducing students to an assignment right off might be overwhelming, especially since MOST of them were not familiar with this type social media.

Carter navigates through Schoology to find his friends who are also on Schoology.

Day 1 couldn’t have been more exciting for my students and I.  Schoology is the ONLY thing they talked about at recess, at lunch, in the hallways, in gym class, and everywhere else I would allow them to talk.  It was just about the only thing I talked about today as well.  I am so excited to venture further with this Web 2.0 tool.  My only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner.  Check out our Day 1 footage:


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