At least that’s what my students think… and at this point, as long as they’re engaged. I’m in. This week has flown by and I have been super fortunate to get lab time (an hour or more) every day this week. WOO HOO! The kids finished two assignments this week and are eagerly awaiting their grades– I know the feeling ;) Even though my students have other assignments and responsibilities once in the lab, I gave them 15 minutes at the beginning of each lab session to “check their mail”. This was the QUIETEST I have seen my students ALL YEAR LONG!

My classes were the quietest I had ever seen them... but in their digital languages they were NOT!

This week, my students set up their usernames and passwords, added information to their profiles, uploading a profile picture, participated in educational and social discussions, sent me over 57 messages, and completed three assignments! I am using this Web 2.0 tool as part of my Challenge-Based Research and my students are producing data that amazes me! The following are assignments I have posted for my students and some of the discussions we have had online about them:

Book Study Self-Assessment

My students recently completed a book project in which they read a book and completed one of the following: a mobile, a diorama, a book jacket, or a memory bag. Although none of these was digital, I added a technology component where I created a Self-Assessment using a Google Doc Form. Students followed the link on the Schoology Assignments page, completed the survey and basically gave themselves a grade.

Technology Pre-Survey

I also used Schoology to allow a venue for my students to take my Technology Pre-Survey for my Challenged Based Research Project here at Full Sail. It was posted as an assignment, students were able to follow the link and complete the survey.

Dylan completed his Technology Pre-Survey (for my CBR Project) through Schoology.

Slideshow Presentation

Students delved into slideshow presentations by making an end-of-year presentation about their experiences in 4th grade.

* NOTE: The Drop Box feature of Schoology is wonderful! (See right-hand sidebar) Except that the upload function was disabled on the student computers. I am not sure how to rectify that situation, but some students were able to upload their presentations from home and were mesmerized by the function!

More to come! I can’t wait to blog about what my students do next week!



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