ETC Reflection

My journey at Full Sail has been like my favorite roller coaster, The Texas Giant, which coincidentally, was torn down and completely reconstructed using steel instead of wood.

My journey through Full Sail University has been, for lack of a batter phrase, a wild ride.  The things I have learned and the depth to which I have explored then is beyond anything I ever could’ve imagined.  Each course that I take, although extremely fast-paced, has taught me skills that I know I will use in a culminating activity called “My Real Life Classroom.” This course, Emergent Technologies in a Collaborative Culture (ETC) has been no different. Since this program is an accelerated one, I think that it is vital to reflect monthly on the new ideas and tools of which I acquire, along with new opinions formed and epiphanies conceived. So here goes:

For anyone who uses a computer on a daily basis, iGoogle is for you! Read my blog on using iGoogle as your very own personal learning environment.  I consider myself a pretty tech-savvy individual and I was aware and already using iGoogle as my home page, but I had NO CLUE that I could then make iGoogle tabs as dividers for the different sections of my life! This assignment was very relevant to my life and made me aware of a tool that could not only aid me in my journey at Full Sail, but literally accelerate my studies as well. Seriously, it made everything SOOO much faster!

Beyond the introduction of utilizing a personal learning environment, I was introduced to SEVERAL and by several I mean TOO MANY TO COUNT, Web 2.0 tools that I thought were not only cool but completely feasible to introduce and use in my classroom.  The two main ones were Schoology and Dipity.  I blogged about both in my final project for ETC.

Although I was overwhelmed with the number of assignments and blog posts at first glance, I love that I was challenged by our course instructor, Rena Hanaway, to go beyond my comfort zone and try WordPress as my blog host instead of Blogspot (home of not one but two other blogs I author). Then beyond trying a new blog interface, actually blogging on a weekly and sometimes daily basis was even more challenging. However, in hindsight, I am so thankful that I did.  I can look back on what I have learned and even share with colleagues. (Side note: I was telling our librarian about Schoology and how we could use it for our summer reading programs and instead of sitting down at a computer with her, all I had to say was… “Go read my blog!”)

So, in reflection, this course rose above my expectations and the work was well worth it.  I am sad I don’t have an assignment to blog anymore and I really want to stay on top of my blog because I am so pleased with the end product!




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