I heart Evernote.

EvernoteActually I am pretty organized without Evernote. But WITH Evernote, I’m the most organized person ever. Evernote is organization on steroids. Times a thousand.

And it’s not just for educators. It’s for everyone.

I recently did a modest presentation on Evernote at the TCEA Regional Conference (#TCEA1011). I prefaced the session with the fact that I am just an avid user. Not an expert. The expert was the room I was in. The people who surrounded me! You can find my presentation here.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 1.42.29 PM

One of the gems shared was the ability to add AUDIO to any note using the Evernote iPad app.

* Disclaimer: This is my own child so I give permission for it to be published on the web. 

Add audio to any note by simply tapping on the attach icon (paperclip) in the upper right hand corner.
Tap the audio icon.
Simply start recording! Once you tap “DONE”, the audio recording will automatically be inserted into your note. While recording, you can continue to type in the note, or even toggle between other apps!

One attendee shared that she uses the RECORD AUDIO feature to record her students reading. Someone also added that you could then take a photo of the text and insert that into the same note. This is great documentation for reading!

Please feel free to add your expertise in the comments section!



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